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Botox® injections for Chronic daily migraine headache

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Tension Headaches or Migraines? The Importance of Getting a Reliable Diagnosis!

A large number of people often experience tension in the neck, headache, or migraines. About 40% of chronic pain disorders are associated with a headache. Often improperly assessed by health-care professionals, such disorders are sometimes misdiagnosed as tension headaches of solely psychosomatic origin. As a result, many people mistakenly believe that there are no concrete treatments for such headaches when there actually are.

At INOVO Medical, we establish a diagnosis of chronic migraine when the headaches occur on more than 10 days per month and least 4 hours a day or longer.

Treating chronic migraine appropriately begins by accurately diagnosing it. If you think that you have chronic migraines, talk it over with your doctor and ask for a referral to INOVO Medical.



BOTOX®: The Best Anti-migraine Injection

Our physicians have taken advanced training on using BOTOX®-based anesthetic injections to treat chronic migraine. Our injection techniques—particularly innovative and approved by Health Canada and the FDA—can relieve headaches for about 3 months. The vast majority of insurance companies—and now OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)—reimburse for BOTOX®. OHIP does not, however, reimburse the cost of the injections. Given our concern for our patients, therefore, our treatments are very competitively priced.

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