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Aesthetic Care

Confidence is radiant. It goes hand-in-hand with beauty. When you look amazing, you feel amazing, and people respond to your aura. As we grow with age, we often lose some of that aura. It may be due to medical conditions that appear, or simply our skin losing its elasticity. Our aesthetic physicians can help so that a better you shines through. As an evidence-based institution, we strive to offer the most cutting-edge aesthetic technologies to achieve outcomes that meet your expectations. All of our cosmetic procedures are non-surgical and are minimally invasive.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to cosmetic treatments. However, we understand that deciding to receive an aesthetic treatment is a big decision. There is much to consider, such as the costs, deciding on the right treatment, and choosing a trustworthy establishment. That is why we listen to our patients and respect their choices in an atmosphere that puts them at ease and preserves their privacy.

Let us help you indulge in your own beauty. Our doctors specialized in aesthetic dermatology will use a sound combination of aesthetic treatments in order to deliver a natural and rejuvenating look.

A woman who has received aesthetic care


Various medical conditions can be treated through either aesthetics regenerative medicine or laser treatment. These conditions include, but are not limited to:


Wrinkles / Sagging in the Face and Neck Vampire FaceLift®
Sagging of the Breasts Vampire Breast Lift®
Lips Lacking Pulpiness Lip Augmentation
Hand Wrinkles, permanent tendons, and skin defects Hand Rejuvenation
Unapparent Cheekbone Cheek Remodeling
Upper-Face Expression Wrinkles Facial Rejuvenation
Eye circles Eye Rejuvenation
Hair Loss Hair Regrowth
Major Scar defect Scar Treatment
Psoriasis Scarring Scar Treatment


Surgical Scarring Laser Scar Treatment
Acne Scarring Laser Scar Treatment
Excess Hair Laser Hair Removal
Varicose Veins Laser Treatment
Skin Imperfections Laser Treatment
Vascular Lesions Laser Treatment
Pigmentation Spots Laser Treatment
Sun Spots Laser Treatment
Red Spots Laser Treatment





Our cosmetic solutions


Aesthetic injections are a fast and effective way to rejuvenate your look. The procedures are short, and there is no recovery time. These procedures are less invasive and less expensive than plastic surgery. Discover the aesthetic injection treatments available at Inovo Medical.

Woman received an aesthetic injection before and after


At Inovo Medical, we offer a broad range of these laser treatments at our aesthetic clinic. Our team has studied the various types of laser equipment in order to choose the best available on the market. In order to choose the laser treatments that best correspond to your needs, we recommend that you meet with our doctor specialized in dermatology for a private consultation.  Discover the laser treatments available at Inovo Medical.

client receiving laser treatment