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Inovo Medical’s strength lies in its team’s expertise and diversity. Under one roof you can find doctors of sports medicine, chronic pain, and regenerative medicine, as well as rehabilitative professionals. Together, we provide our patients with personalized management centred on their needs and the ongoing improvement of their quality of life.

  • Dr. Mathieu Bélanger

    Inovo Medical’s Founder

    Founder and President of Inovo Medical, Dr. Mathieu Bélanger began his academic career by earning an undergraduate degree in kinesiology ( the science of studying human movement, in particular, physical activity and body mechanics) before enrolling in medicine at the University of Montréal.

    Dr. Bélanger has always had a keen interest in physical activity. Having been injured himself several times, he is particularly interested in pain related to sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. This interest led him to the United States for various types of training on pain treatment given by leading experts. As a result, Dr. Bélanger became aware of just how widespread chronic pain has become and decided to dedicate his career to it. Since then, his objective has been to play an active role in the development and delivery of the most sophisticated and effective treatments for chronic pain.

    By founding Inovo Medical, Dr. Bélanger hopes to deploy stem-cell technology in Canada, given that the results achieved with this technology are revolutionizing pain medicine.

  • Dr. Evans

    Dr. Evans is Inovo Medical’s Medical Director. After completing a residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Western Ontario and passing the Royal College Certifying exam in Anesthesiology (2009, FRCPC), Dr. Evans went on to pursue an (ACGME) Accredited Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship at the University of Michigan. This fellowship included training in advanced interventional techniques including Radiofrequency Ablation, Cooled RFA, SI joint strip lesions, Spinal Cord Stimulator trials, Epidurolysis, discography, and others. This training experience has fostered an interest in advancing Interventional Pain therapies available to patients in the Ottawa area and training well-educated physicians that will safely offer these procedures to other patients dealing with chronic pain. As a researcher, he has published numerous studies.

  • Dr. François Constant

    Dr. François Constant began his academic career by studying physics at the University of Ottawa but preferring to study the most amazing machine that is the human body, he transferred in medicine after completing 3 out of the 4 years of his bachelor’s degree in physics. He underwent medical training at the University of Sherbrooke and graduated from family medicine in 2012. In his first year of practice as a family physician, doctor Constant felt very unprepared to help patients with chronic pain once he realized how limited were the tools he had been taught in medical school and how widespread chronic pain problems are.
    He also became aware that waiting lists for patients needing access to pain treatments were unacceptably long and decided to become part of the solution by dedicating his career to treating chronic pain. This lead him to travel across Ontario and the United States for various types of training on pain treatments given by leading experts.

  • Dr. Erik Howarth

    Dr. Erik Howarth is trained as a family physician with focus in chronic pain management. He graduated from the University of Ottawa Medical School in 1997, and completed his Family Medicine residency at Queen’s University thereafter. He has pursued work in several area clinics and Community Health Centers over his career, and has come to very much enjoy the interdisciplinary model of care and the comprehensiveness of Family Medicine. Nevertheless, it became increasingly apparent to him that for many patients, their top priority was better pain relief and resolution of musculoskeletal issues. This led to a return to studies in the blossoming field of interventional pain management. He is now working full time at INOVO Medical where he very much enjoys the expertise of his colleagues and team.

  • Dr Benjamin Matheson DC Chiropractor

    Dr. Ben Matheson

    Dr. Matheson leads the rehabilitation team at Inovo Medical. A graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2011, Dr. Matheson centers his chiropractic career around finding the best outcomes. After practicing in multidisciplinary settings in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, Dr. Matheson has come to Ottawa, with a great deal of excitement, to be part of the team at Inovo. He seeks innovation through the most recent research from experts in the field of rehabilitation and has a strong desire to find the best ways to help patients in pain, thus carrying Inovo Medical to the cutting edge of rehabilitation and care.

    Dr. Matheson is looking forward to helping everyone achieve less pain and more active lives.

  • Jenny Laporte Registered Nurse

    Jenny Laporte, RN

    Jenny Laporte is a Registered Nurse, Certified Medical Aesthetician, and Aesthetic Injector who graduated in 1997 and belongs to two provincial professional affiliations. She pursued her education and certified in Critical Care Nursing, Advanced Trauma Nursing, and Chemotherapy. She was nominated for the Jean Dufresne Memorial award, recognizing a mature student who achieved academic success in overcoming barriers. She is also the recipient of 7 Guardian Angel Awards offered by The Ottawa Hospital.

    Jenny focused her career primarily in the Intensive Care Unit of The Ottawa Hospital and the Heart Institute.  She then took charge as Acting Care Facilitator of the Chemotherapy Unit at the Ottawa Cancer Center and participated in Research projects assisting participants and her team in the excellence of care. Jenny was also an active contributor to The Ottawa Hospital’s model of care.

    As a mentor and a clinical educator, Jenny’s passion led her to practice in the community where she studied travel vaccination, and Regenerative Medicine, specifically in the areas of Medical Esthetics and facial rejuvenation. With her clinical expertise and her years of experience in Chronic Pain, Jenny is dedicated to ensuring a positive patient experience, as well as working with Inovo Medical’s professional team, to improve quality, safety, and services.


  • Marc SCRIBNOCK, registered Nurse

    Marc Scribnock, RN

    Marc Scribnock, Registered Nurse, has extensive experience in Chronic Rehabilitation and has worked as a clinical instructor, teaching patient care assistants in acute and chronic care settings. He has worked in various areas such as Industrial and Community care settings and his years of experience led him to explore other aspects of nursing.

    Mentor, educator and a leader in his field, Marc is passionate about Regenerative Medicine and assists our medical staff in Stem Cell Therapies and PRP injections. He is dedicated to ensuring a positive outcome for our patients and regularly does follow-ups with the clinic’s treatment plans.

    Marc Scribnock is a Registered Nurse who graduated in 1992. Working for nursing agencies in acute care hospitals, his interest for Regenerative Medicine led him to seek out educational opportunities in Florida, where he trained and certified in Plasma-Rich Platelet, Carboxytherapy, and Mesotherapy in cosmetic applications.