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Regenerative Medicine

What is regenerative medicine?


Regenerative medicine specializes in reforming and renewing tissue and organs of the human body. The goal of regenerative medicine therapies is to incite the body’s healing process and to return proper function to the injured area.

Regenerative medicine presents an innovative way to treat different diagnostics. These treatments make it possible to avoid the complications linked with surgeries.

Bone marrow and abdominal fat are rich sources of cells. These cells have the incredible capability of transforming into the type of tissue that they encounter. Their natural role is to travel through the circulatory system and to develop into the same cell type as the damaged tissues they meet.

Note: In accordance with Health Canada’s compliance laws, we do not offer any stem cell therapy services.


The body’s natural regeneration system is always at work on all of our cell tissues, whether they are damaged or not. For example, thanks to the work of cells, the liver is renewed every 2 to 3 years, and the pancreas every four years.

Regenerative medicine promotes the renewal of damaged tissues through various types of fast, safe, and long-lasting treatments:

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
  • Dextrose Prolotherapy

Same-day procedures

Regenerative medicine treatments are same-day procedures meaning they last just a few hours, and patients return home the same day.

Leaders in the field of regenerative medicine

As leaders in the field of regenerative medicine, we offer treatments for many musculoskeletal and neuropathic diseases. We can carry out entire regenerative medicine treatments in just a few hours. Inovo is proud to be on the forefront of medical advances. Inovo Medical’s team of full-time clinical researchers keeps our health professionals up to date with the newest medical discoveries. Our doctors travel year-round to learn from and work with the world’s experts in the field of regenerative medicine, to offer the most advanced and efficient treatments. Our treatments are carried out using ultrasound and fluoroscopy-guided techniques for higher accuracy.

We are proud to take part in the development of cutting-edge treatments. We are very enthusiastic about bringing them to the public.

Accelerating the healing process

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma with a high platelet concentration. The platelets contain essential bio-active proteins that act as growth factors and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. Also, PRP promotes the growth of new blood vessels and new collagen, which is required for healing. This treatment is indicated to accelerate the healing of acute and chronic injuries.

Reinforcing weak ligaments

The inflammation stimulates collagen production, which helps strengthen ligaments. This treatment is occasionally used to treat sacroiliac joint and other joint instabilities, greater trochanteric syndrome. Prolotherapy is especially useful for treating osteoarthritis and weak ligaments as a result of trauma.

Get the best that modern cosmetics has to offer

Regenerative beauty can provide effects that are natural and long-lasting. Our treatments can deliver remarkable results with treatments such as:

  • Non-surgical Facelift
  • Non-surgical Breast Lift
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • PRP Hair reGrowth
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