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Which is the best treatment for pain relief?

An Overview of Exercise and Other Treatment Approaches for Musculoskeletal Pain. When dealing with a problem like low back, shoulder, knee, or neck pain, there are many options for treatment. While there is a lot of research on treatments for these types of pain, there are a lot of different opinions about what is the[…]

Which provides relief for lower back pain, yoga or physiotherapy?

Earlier this year, The American College of Physicians and Surgeons published a new guideline advising its members, and the public on non-invasive treatments for lower back pain in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Qaseem et al., 2017). One of their recommendations was that excise be included as part of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. One[…]

How To Get The Most From Your Core Workout In The Shortest Time

Discover Our 6-Minute Core Workout If you have ever had a conversation about exercise, you have likely talked about the core. There is often debate about what makes the core, or what it does. Leaving some debates about function and semantics aside, the core is important for moving well and feeling good, especially for people[…]

How are your hamstring?

Muscles of the Posterior Thigh, Their Implication on Injuries, and How to Care for Them. I could not count the number of times a patient has said to me, “I have a bad back because my hamstrings are tight”. While back pain can often be present with some pain at the back of one or[…]

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