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    Dr. Ellen Thompson

    Medical Director

    Dr. Ellen Thompson, MBBS, FRCPC, Chronic Pain and Anaesthesiology, is the Medical Director of Inovo Medical. She finished her medical undergrad degree in the United Kingdom in 1970. Dr. Thompson spent a total of 5 years in general practice, for the most part in Canada. She refers to the inadequacy of education about chronic pain as the primary explanation for leaving general practice.

    From 1978-1981 she finished a residency training program in anesthesia in Ottawa, where she picked up experience at the McMaster-Chedoke Pain Clinic in Hamilton. Since 1982, she has split her clinical practice between operating room anaesthesiology and treating patients with chronic pain.

    Her extraordinary interest and research in pain have been displayed internationally, nationally and locally. They include: the utilization of ketamine in neuropathic pain, Botox injections into head/neck trigger points, multicentre trial of oxycontin versus codeine/acetaminophen in chronic low back pain, the utilization of IV lidocaine in patients with refractory neuropathic pain, advancement of a triage/treatment place for ideal and timely treatment of sub-acute spinal pain with the objective of avoiding chronicity and interpreting basic science data on chronic pain components into better patient care.