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An Ode to the Rideau Canal: Canada’s Best Setting for Urban Running

Since moving to Ottawa, I have fallen in love with running on the Rideau Canal. 09/13/2017 By Dr Ben Matheson, D.C   Canada is a big and beautiful country. We are also blessed with beautiful cities that have wonderful places to go running. Vancouver has the Stanley Park Sea Wall path (amongst many others), Calgary,[…]

Which is the best treatment for pain relief?

Exercise is Among the Best Treatment Options for Pain Relief 07/04/2017 By Dr. Ben Matheson, D.C     An overview of Exercise and Other Treatment Approaches for Musculoskeletal Pain. When dealing with a problem like low back, shoulder, knee, or neck pain, there are many options for treatment. While there is a lot of research[…]

Which provides relief for lower back pain, yoga or physiotherapy?

Yoga or Physiotherapy? 06/27/2017 By Dr. Ben Matheson, D.C     Five Points to Take-Away from a Recent Study   Earlier this year, The American College of Physicians and Surgeons published a new guideline advising its members, and the public on non-invasive treatments for low back pain in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Qaseem et[…]

6-Minute Core Workout

How to Get the Most from Your Core Workout in the Shortest Time 06/14/2017 By Dr. Ben Matheson, D.C       If you have ever had a conversation about exercise, you have likely talked about the core. There is often debate about what makes the core, or what it does. Leaving some debates about[…]

How are your hamstring?

Muscles of the Posterior Thigh, Their Implication on Injuries, and How to Care for Them. 06/08/2017 By Dr. Ben Matheson, D.C   I could not count the number of times a patient has said to me, “I have a bad back because my hamstrings are tight”. While back pain can often be present with some[…]