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4 Reasons Why Rideau Canal is the Best Place to Run

Since moving to Ottawa, I have fallen in love with running on the Rideau Canal. By Dr Ben Matheson, Inovo Medical                   posted on 09/13/2017 Canada is a big and beautiful country. We are also blessed with beautiful cities that have wonderful places to go running. Vancouver has[…]

Which is the best treatment for pain relief?

An overview of Exercise and Other Treatment Approaches for Musculoskeletal Pain. By Dr Ben Matheson                         Published on 07/04/2017 When dealing with a problem like low back, shoulder, knee, or neck pain, there are many options for treatment. While there is a lot of research[…]

Which provides relief for lower back pain, yoga or physiotherapy?

Treatments for low back pain By Dr Ben Matheson, Inovo Medical          posted on 06/27/2017 Dr Ben Matheson Dr. Matheson leads the rehabilitation team at Inovo Medical here in Ottawa, ON. He centers his chiropractic career around finding the best outcomes by seeking innovation through the most recent research from experts in[…]

How To Get The Most From Your Core Workout In The Shortest Time

Discover Our 6-Minute Core Workout By Dr. Ben Matheson                             Published on 06/14/2017 If you have ever had a conversation about exercise, you have likely talked about the core. There is often debate about what makes the core, or what it does. Leaving[…]

How are your hamstring?

Muscles of the Posterior Thigh, Their Implication on Injuries, and How to Care for Them. 06/08/2017 By Dr. Ben Matheson, D.C   I could not count the number of times a patient has said to me, “I have a bad back because my hamstrings are tight”. While back pain can often be present with some[…]