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Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

What is Fontona 4D?

Fotona 4D is a series of Synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior face and interior oral cavity, enabling full thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization (wrinkle reduction) without injectables.

Fotona-Seal-of-Greatness Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

Fotona SP DYnamis

The Fotona Laser is the best on the market. It is currently the only laser in the industry capable of treating all skin types. It has the programming to adjust to more than 60 treatments, ranging from acne scars to vaginal tightening, to toenail fungus. The Fotona Laser is the most high-end laser technology in the industry to date. It is to this fact that is owes its badge of 2018 Aesthetic Winner.

Fotona 4D - Before and After

fotona_4d_nghi001 Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting
fotona4d Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

The four dimentions of Fotona 4D


The first step is an exclusive non-invasive treatment that heats up the skin intraorally and targets volume through a process called collagen induction. The effects are an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity of the skin along with a plumping effect, much like a filler.


The second stage of Fotona 4D involves heating the skin safely and rapidly from the outside by concentrating energy delivered subcutaneously. This stage is done using a brushing technique and provides an outstanding tightening effect for areas experiencing skin laxity.


The third step involves the targeted treatment of specific, deeper imperfections in the skin like spots and vascular components using a fractional laser. Frac3 is fast, efficient and will help restore youthful texture.


The final stage is like a polishing effect for your skin. This treatment removes dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, healthier tissue below and provides that noticeable “glow” to your skin.

2D Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

The in-out facelift for volumization, tightening and lifting much like the results of filler but more long lasting.

Combination: SmoothLiftin + Piano

Treatment time: 30 minutes


$550 / treatment

$412 / Treatment

3D Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

Volumize, tighten, lift, and seek our minuscule age-related imperfections such as pigment and flushing.

Combination: SmoothLiftin + Piano + Frac3

Treatment time: 45 minutes


$650 / treatment

$487 / Treatment

4D Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting

Add a light cold micro-laser peel to polish the skin for a fuller rejuvenation.

Combination: SmoothLiftin + Piano + Frac3 + SupErficial

Treatment time: 60 minutes


$850 / treatment

$637 / Treatment

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