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Knee and Hip Stem Cell Therapy

Important notice:

We are not currently performing any stem cell therapy treatments. Due to Health Canada regulations, these treatments are not allowed to be done in-clinic, so we have removed the service entirely. There are alternatives that you may find helpful – please see “Regenerative Medicine” options under our services category. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee & Hip conditions

Osteoarthritis is the rifest chronic joint disease. Regrettably, the conventional treatments show minimal clinical benefits. While the articular prosthesis replacement is the last treatment option, Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are a promising treatment for osteoarthritis. Stem Cell therapy can be an alternative to invasive and risky open surgery for those suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

Not just for Osteoarthritis

Stem cells can repair and regenerate muscle, cartilage, tendons, discs, skin, and much more. By injecting the stem cells directly into the joint, tendon, bone, cartilage, or muscle, the body can repair and regenerate the damaged tissue.

Areas we treat

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Hands & Wrists
  • Hip Joints
  • Pelvis (Sacro-iliac)
  • Knees
  • Feet & Ankles
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