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A personal trainer works one-on-one with you to dig deep into your personal fitness goals. Based on your goals, your trainer can then create and help you implement a personalized workout plan. If properly followed, these plans ensure that you reach your goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The main purpose of a trainer is to share their knowledge, as well as to provide support and motivation. They motivate you to set goals, create a plan of action, monitor and correct form, provide feedback and ensure that you stay accountable every step of the way. Personal trainers are there to guide you, whether it be related to your workouts, nutrition, or personal struggles that seem to continuously get in your way. They provide you with the building blocks to bring your fitness to the next level.  Successful trainers ensure that your goals are put first, they are also passionate, caring coaches. Overall, they focus on changing current, damaging behaviors into more healthy and active ones.  

Everyone is in need of a trainer! Trainers create their plans based on their knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology, basic nutrition and fundamental principles of exercise science. Their workouts include a variety of cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises which are tailored to individuals or to a small group. When working with chronic pain, optimal results are seen when working in conjunction with a doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor. After having your pain greatly reduced from these professionals, personal training is a great transition point because it will set you up with a fitness plan to increase your muscle mass and strength, which will help in preventing future injuries. 



Maria graduated with a degree in general sciences (Biology and Psychology joint major) from Trent University in 2013. She then graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College with a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotions in 2015. Since then, Maria has worked in a variety of gyms as a coach and personal trainer. She became a trainer because she believes that motion is one of the best medicines for preventing chronic pain and diseases. Her drive comes from having multiple family members who have died due to chronic diseases. Her goals are to prevent chronic pain and illness from developing, as well as to aid in the rehabilitation of those who are recovering. The goals of her clientele have varied greatly, from significant weight loss, to muscle growth (both for strength, as well as aesthetic purposes), to pain reduction (in joints, as well as spinal regions) and to increasing mobility and flexibility for ease of movement. One of her objectives during her personal training sessions is to help clients strengthen their minds, bodies and muscles, not only for aesthetic purposes, but so that daily tasks can become simple and pain free.  

Maria is the type of person who will go above and beyond in order to help you reach your true fitness potential so that you can live a long and healthy life. Your goals will become her goals and she will provide you with all of the proper tools, knowledge and motivation in order to help you reach them. On top of this, she wants fitness and exercise to become a fun and enjoyable part of your life. We are extremely confident that by working together, you will be able to increase your overall health and wellness, and enjoy your time spent doing it

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