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Identifying Chronic Pain

Each person experiences pain differently. That’s why Inovo Medical’s approach focuses on developing treatments specific to the patient’s physical and psychosocial conditions. This consists of an examination of all the factors in a patient’s life that could affect their physical condition. We assess the patient’s mood, sleep habits and we review what medication is currently being taken. Many people with chronic pain tend to be over, and sometimes, under-medicated.

3D Optical Motion Capture System

As part of our analysis, we look at flexibility, physical condition, and work-related positions and posture. We have a cutting-edge imaging system that yields a complete 3-D examination of the body and each joint segment in motion. This complete analysis aims at making a medical diagnosis and identifying the sources of pain.

Building on a sound foundation

Our approach offers the advantage of setting aside past diagnoses and providing a new, sound foundation on which to build a personalized intervention process. When the analysis is complete, our pain specialists work together to design a personalized intervention protocol including curative anesthetic treatments as well as active rehabilitation therapy. The protocol is regularly adjusted to the patient’s needs and changes in their condition. If necessary, our physicians can also refer patients to the appropriate resources.


3D view of human body

Disclaimer: As with any medical treatment, results will vary among individuals, and there is no implication that you will heal or receive the same outcome as patients herein. The information in this website is offered for educational purposed only and does not imply or give medical advice. The photos used may be models and not patients.

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