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Chiropractic adjustment for neck pain

Inovo Medical’s rehabilitation clinic stands out because of its active rehabilitation approach. We use modern chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques that focus on restoring function by using the patient’s own physical capabilities. We define ourselves as an evidence-based institution. At Inovo Medical, new technologies, like Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, and 3D motion analysis are incorporated into our rehabilitation assessments and treatment plans. At our rehabilitation clinic, patients have access to:

Molding a custom Foot orthoticCustom foot orthotics

Is foot pain making your life difficult? We can offer you curative treatments as well as prescribe foot orthotics adapted to your needs. Orthotics are custom-made biomechanical medical appliances that visually resemble the over the counter (OTC) insoles that you would find at your local pharmacy. They are designed to correct the natural imbalance of a person’s feet. The difference between orthotics and OTC arch supports is that orthotics are custom-designed for each individual’s foot: they are created from a mold of your feet.

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