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What are the Costs?

To make an appointment, you first need a vasectomy prescription from your family doctor.


Use of the no needle device 100$
Anesthetic cream 25$
TV watching 10$
Scrotal support 20$
Subtotal: 155$
Internet/phone/skype consultation: 135$
Follow up appt by phone or skype: 70$
Admin fee for privately funded clinic and staff: 0$
Admin fee for VIP waiting room and service: 130$
Subtotal: 335$

Grand total: 490$*

*Premium package inclusive of all of the above: 175$ until July 2016


  • Contacting your family doctor for a consultation: 30$ admin fee
  • Finding a referral doctor for you : 70$ (or you go to a walk-in clinic near you for free…)


The vasectomy itself and the typical vasectomy tray portion that we use is free of charge and paid by OHIP.

A 100$ deposit is mandatory for any vasectomy. It can be reimbursed if you cancel 2 weeks in advance or with a documented force majeure.

You can opt out of the premium package and have a vasectomy free of charge, but we will only reimburse you the 100$ deposit when you come in for your final follow up appointment. You will have to come see us at the clinic on 4 separate occasions:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. The vasectomy itself
  3. Post-operation follow up (48-72 hours after vasectomy)
  4. Semen Results

*We do not give results by phone for privacy reasons*

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience OHIP does not fund this specific method. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding this, please ask us on your next visit. Thank you for your understanding.