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Post-Operative Instructions

Pain Management

If you experience discomfort in the first 24-48 hours after the local anaesthetic wears off, rest with your feet up and take anti-inflammatory medication such as two tablets of ibuprofen 200mg, 4 times a day after food. Ibuprofen can be obtained from any supermarket or pharmacy. You will also be given a prescription for a strong pain reliever in case the ibuprofen is insufficient. The prescription should only be taken if needed.

In rare cases, an ache and/or swelling can develop after a few days or even weeks after the procedure is done. This is usually due to inflammation of the epididymis and testes. In this case, you can use anti-inflammatory.

You should not take ibuprofen if you have had a stomach ulcer in the past or suffer from asthma. Please, let the physician know on your first visit

Instructions you need to know



Bruising of the skin on the scrotum is not a concern so long as it is not associated with scrotal swelling, as it just reflects the broken blood vessels under the skin and will disappear with time.


In the rare case that the wound bleeds, pinch the skin around and the wound with 2 fingers for 10 minutes. The pressure should be strong enough for your nails to blanch, reflecting that your are cutting off the blood flow.


You may shower, but do not rub soap directly into the scrotum for the next 2 days. Do not have a bath or go swimming 3 days after to ensure that the wound heals a bit.

Wound care/Support

We advise you to continue wearing supportive underwear for 2 days, and place the gauze provided over the wound (until it is healed).

Activity and Sex

Strenuous exercise, prolonged walking, bike riding, climbing and heavy lifting should be avoided for the first two days (as well as sexual intercourse). Following this, allow your level to adapt itself with your healing process, meaning do not push yourself if you are not comfortable.


REMEMBER : You are not sterile yet!

Sterility takes both time and an adequate number of ejaculations following the vasectomy. Most men, have a very low to nill  sperm count after about 12-14 ejaculations over the course of about eight to twelve weeks. One in five of those men can take longer, but usually by six months 99% are clear. Your operation cannot be considered successful until it has been confirmed that a “zero” sperm count has been achieved. The risk of failure after this is extremely low.

To validate the sterility of the sperm, you will be given a pathology request slip and a specimen jar on the day of the intervention. Then, eight to twelve weeks after your operation, you will have to collect a semen specimen by hand massage (masturbation) directly into the jar supplied to you.


Disclaimer: As with any medical treatment, results will vary among individuals, and there is no implication that you will receive the same outcome as patients herein. There could be pain involved. These concerns should be discussed with your health care provider prior to any treatment so that you are properly informed. The information in this website is offered for educational purposed only and does not imply or give medical advice. The photos used may be models and not patients.