• sif-1500-291x345 Sifate Zaman

    Sifate Zaman

    Patient Care Coordinator

    Sif is our Patient Care Coordinator and Laser Aesthetics Specialist. She graduated from Bangladesh Medical School, located in Dhaka, in 2016. Currently, she is pursuing a license to practice as a physician in Canada. Throughout her experience Sif has worked at Brisson, Fehlings & Macri Inc. and Health Treasure Medical Clinic. She has also been an avid advocate for women’s health. Sif helped organize a PAPALOOZA event in 2017. The event screened hundreds of women for cervical cancer under the Ontario Ministry of Health screening guidelines. She has now shifted her focus on treating women who chronically suffer from stress urinary incontinence. Using the latest laser technology and the synergistic treatment of pelvic floor physiotherapy.

    Sif also has a vast understanding of the etiologies of chronic pain and that therapy for chronic pain involves 3 factors. These 3 factors being physical health, pharmaceutical intervention and psychological well being. She is very excited to have joined INOVO Medical to be part of the pioneer team in advocating for regenerative medicine and treatment protocols.

    Sif’s goal is to help patients understand the types of treatments available at INOVO Medical. Along with, utilizing these treatments to help with patients chronic health concerns. No matter how complex or how simple your symptoms may be, she can help guide you to a treatment plan that works for you!