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3D dynamic postural analysis

As a basis in our standard evaluations, we offer a 3d static postural analysis. Whether it is sitting, walking, running, sprinting, skating, dancing, biking, or any other posture, we will analyze postures relevant to your daily activities.


Analysis of your posture and your specific sports motion.

Analyzing body motion is sports is crucial to improving your performance, avoiding injuries and maximizing your comfort. On account of the aforementioned, having the right data is vital: the trainer, fitter, or specialist requires abundant, detailed information in order to assess the athlete’s performance and provide valuable advice. This assessment is particularly useful after an injury or during a recovery period.

In our experience, relying on video analysis applications should be avoided in motion analysis. A video-based system is a 2D system. The actions that take place in front of the camera are projected onto a 2D plane. The problem is that anatomical points do not move in a 2D plane: they move freely within a 3D space. Even seemingly ‘flat’ movements like a knee or ankle during a pedaling cycle have a third-dimension component which is very relevant when studying a motion in an effort to avoid injuries and boost performance. Therefore, a high-quality analysis system should always involve 3D tracking, and video recording should always be considered as an auxiliary system for visualization purposes or overall review.


Overview of what we do:

  • Real-time and playback 3D visualisation of the movement.
  • Automatic generation of biomechanical curves.
  • Swing/kick planes.
  • Weight distribution.
  • Lines and centre of gravity.
  • Automatic movement segmentation.
  • Scientific analysis: mathematical approach to analysing your movement. Using this type of technology, your swing or kick can be analysed with greater precision than ever before.
  • 360° viewing capabilities


Orthotics that fits your lightweight soccer shoes, skates or cleats.

With our 3-D imaging system, we can rapidly identify the source of your problem. After we have conducted an overall analysis of your feet and their motion mechanics, we can offer you curative treatments as well as prescribe foot orthoses adapted to your needs. We can make them fit your high performance, lightweight soccer shoes, skates or cleats.


Choose screening or advanced analysis for your team or yourself

We have physiotherapists and chiropractors working under the supervision of Dr. Matheson and Dr. Belanger.

Analysis and training our team can provide:

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Training schedule analysis to prevent overtraining
  • Adapted or revised musculoskeletal training program

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