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Inovo Medical is helping our Canadian athletes

Hockey player on skating ice with puckSports regenerative medicine is not easily accessible in Canada presently, and many athletes travel to the United States to get accelerated healing treatments such as the ones we offer.  To further accelerate the healing process, athletes at Inovo Medical also have access to a team of athletic rehabilitation professionals, and cutting-edge technology, such as the Alter-G: an anti-gravity treadmill that reduces the recovery time. In the event of a concussion, our team of professionals can help. A team-based approach is used to determine the severity of the concussion and to treat its symptoms. This is yet another way that we help our athletes get back on their feet.. or skates (whichever the case).

Not only do we help athletes recover from sports injuries, we also help athletes optimize their performance by improving their movements with the help of our optical motion capture system (3D analysis). We also create custom foot orthotics that can fit high performance, lightweight soccer shoes, skates or cleats.


Services Provided

Sports Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine specializes in renewing tissue and organs of the human body. The goal of Sports regenerative medicine treatments is to stimulate the body’s healing process and to restore proper function to the damaged area. Regenerative medicine promotes the renewal of damaged tissues through various types of fast, safe, and long-lasting treatments.

Professional athletes worldwide have turned to regenerative medicine to get back in the game sooner than ever. From golf players to soccer players to tennis players, from NFL to NHL to MLB to NBA, regenerative medicine has helped athletes suffering from numerous injuries such as torn meniscus, herniated discs, worn cartilage, ruptured Achilles tendon, and tennis elbow just to name a few. Sports regenerative medicine’s purpose is to enhance the healing process. By stimulating the body’s mechanism, we can help accelerate the healing process.

Alter G anti-gravity treadmill rehabilitation post-surgeryAthletic Rehabilitation

Our athletic rehabilitation clinic helps athletes reduce physical pain and regain their physical capabilities after an injury. Our clinic brings together the strengths of physiotherapy, chiropractic care, osteopathy, massage therapy, and acupuncture. By combining curative treatments from sports medicine with active rehabilitation techniques, athletes can achieve long lasting results. Inovo Medical’s approach to rehabilitation is individualized, active, and collaborative. We use modern techniques that focus on restoring function by using the athlete’s own physical capabilities.

Optical Motion Capture device for 3D posture analysisPerformance Optimization

Analyzing body motion is sports is crucial to improving your performance, avoiding injuries and maximizing your comfort. On account of the aforementioned, having the right data is vital: the trainer, fitter, or specialist requires abundant, detailed information in order to assess the athlete’s performance and provide valuable advice. This assessment is particularly useful after an injury or during a recovery period. We help athletes improve their performance with the help of our 3D optical motion capture system. 3D imaging allows us to rapidly identify the source of the problem. After we have conducted an overall analysis of your feet and their motion mechanics, we can offer you curative treatments as well as prescribe foot orthotics adapted to your needs. We can make them fit your high performance, lightweight soccer shoes, skates or cleats.

Disclaimer: Results will vary among individuals, and there is no implication that you will heal or receive the same outcome as patients herein. The information in this website is offered for educational purposed only and does not imply or give medical advice. The photos used may be models and not patients.

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