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Nerve ablation therapy

Ablation of Sensory Nerves without Surgery.

This type of intervention is useful in accurately determining the source of the pain. The procedure begins with the injection of a contrast agent (dye) into the painful region of the body, which allows our specialists to clearly distinguish the various nerves as they appear on a display. The doctor then injects a small quantity of anesthetic in the vicinity of the nerve identified as the potential source of pain. If the injection provides relief to the patient, then the source of the pain has been located. At that point, the doctor can intervene directly by ablating the target sensory nerve using cryotherapy (cold) or radio-frequency (radio-frequency waves that create heat locally) ablation. Neither type of nerve ablation involves surgery.


This type of treatment—covered by OHIP—is an alternative when standard injections haven’t been effective enough or when the pain is difficult to locate. The length of the pain relief is generally longer than with standard injections.



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