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Nerve blocks and trigger points therapy

Anesthetic Treatment of Nerves

Sometimes, a nerve mistakenly sends a pain signal to the brain. In such instances, the nerve signal can be blocked by injecting a liquid anesthetic locally. It’s important to point out that we do not use cortisone, but rather high-quality anesthetics. Nerve blocks are particularly effective in relieving headache; a backache; neck, shoulder, or hip pain; pain in the sacroiliac joint or sciatic nerve; face and jaw pain; complex regional pain syndrome; fibromyalgia; and shingles and more.


Anesthetic Treatment for Muscle Knots

Trigger points are knots of a muscle that are formed as a result of poor posture, stress, repetitive motion, accident, and so on.

These muscles are continually contracting as the result of pain. The pain caused by a trigger point is sent to a different part of the body from where the trigger is located. Therefore, the trigger point must be identified and the problem, at the source, found and treated. Injecting the trigger point with an anesthetic greatly decreases the associated pain. This treatment is effective in relieving all kinds of muscle pain including fibromyalgia.

Anesthetic injections, which are covered by OHIP, are of proven effectiveness. Moreover, the procedure has been recognized for its simplicity and low risks to health. The injections attenuate or relieve pain for periods ranging from several days to several weeks. Indeed, they considerably reduce the need for pain medication.

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